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The label mcpipes is a trademark of the mcchip-dkr GmbH & Co. KG and deals with the development, design and production of high-quality stainless steel down pipes. Of technical drawing on the prototype through to the finished part, all mcpipes products are 100 % made in Germany. A modern machine park, engineers and welding technicians also enable a production completely under its own roof. We’re using only the highest quality materials and 200CPSI high-performance sport catalysts. In addition to the choice of materials, we’ll continue to improve the performance of motor vehicles as well as a 100 % accuracy of fit in the foreground. mcpipes down pipes are as far as technically possible "plug'n'Play Solutions" and can be combined with the most original and tuning exhaust systems.

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Before a down pipe, a particle filter replacement tube or manifold can be produced in series, each mcpipes product goes through a complex development cycle. For a base for the development for creating a prototype of any vehicle a 3D-image is generated with a high performance mobile laser scanner. The resulting scan data will be prepared in the next step of our engineers, adjusted and so that can process these exports further in our CAD software. In the connection to the data processing is the CAD design. It is created on the computer on the basis of the previously calculated data a virtual down pipe or a particle filter replacement tube. On the basis of the virtual product, then comes the production of the prototype, which is released only after extensive testing for series production.


All mcpipes down pipes or particle filter replacement tubes are handmade in the so-called "TIG welding method". For the maximum yield of quality, performance and accuracy of fit, also modern CNC lathes and milling machines as well as a high-performance laser scanner. Through the use of a modern and computer-controlled pipe bending machine can also avoid unnecessary welds so that it achieves a clean and the best possible exhaust flow.


The mcpipes manifolds are also produced in the so-called "TIG welding method". After an extensive development phase, every manifold is manufactured by hand. In conjunction with modern CNC turning and milling machines, as well as a high-performance laser scanner, the maximum yield of quality, performance and accuracy is achieved.

Maschine park

CNC milling machine Mikron VCP 800
Max. X-Travel Distance: 800 mm - max. Y-axis stroke: 450 mm - max. Z-Travel Distance: 450 mm

CNC lathe OKUMA LB 15 II
Max. Turning diameter: 340 mm - max. Turning length: 500 mm

CNC Tube Bending Machine black-ROBITEC CNC 80
Max. Tube diameter: 80 mm bending radius up to tube center: 30-290 mm - max. Lift tube length: 3000 mm

3D scanner HEXAGON ROMANS ABSOLUTE ARM / RS3 laser scanner
Mobile high-performance laser scanner, that gives excellent results even for complex tasks and difficult surfaces such as carbon fiber and steel.

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