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BMW M4 GTS Coding for M2 M3 M4 & Sport Display F-Series

From now on, we offer original BMW M4 GTS software codings for DSC and transmission for the BMW models M2 F87, M3 F80 and M4 F82 / F83. The M4 GTS Dynamic Stability Control software offers improved acceleration and traction. The M4 GTS transmission software provides for faster gear changes and improved power delivery. This programming for DSC and transmission is available for 399,00 €.
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In addition, we can adjust the Power & Torque Gauges for all BMW models from the F-series. After a performance increase e.g. by chiptuning, appears in the sports display then no longer the stock values, but the new performance values. This customization is available for 299.00 €.
Shop link BMW Sport Display / Power & Torque Gauge for BMW F-Series
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