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For users who already own Chiptuning Tools, we offer our fileservice. Register for free and upload your file to our system. The tuning will be made within 30 - 90 minutes and is available after payment via PayPal.
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Shipping Service

In order for you to allow the chip tuning or the optimization of software your vehicle at any time, you have various options for service. We can offer you in addition to the on-site service also the possibility of sending us your engine control unit which is possible worldwide. Gladly we will explain in detail on the telephone or via e-mail, which points should be aware of when removing the engine control unit and at which position the vehicle control unit is installed. We also give them the appropriate instructions as to how the control unit packaging should be. Please contact us in any case before you send your engine control unit so that we can ensure that your ECU is back as soon as possible. If the ECU comes on a working day until 12:00 p.m., this will leave our house in the rule on the same day.

After the control unit has arrived with us this will be edited by the state-of-the-art optimization methods and the software individually adapted for your vehicle. So you get also in this way a measured chip tuning.

We will as soon as possible initiate the return shipment and we will send you the tracking information by e-mail so that it can at any time to determine where your ECU is currently located. We accept the costs for the standard shipping within Germany. Outside of Germany, you have to pay the shipping costs yourself. If you want we can also offer you an express option or the dispatch abroad. The prices for this at any time you can call us at contact us. If you have questions about our ECU service, we are happy to assist you by phone at +49 2256 669996-0 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Delivery and pick-up service

If you know the way to us too far or you are very constrained to time they use our delivery and pick-up service for your vehicle. Two options are available. On the one hand we come to one of our rental car to you pick up your vehicle and bring it after modification again back to you. If you wish, you during this time is one of our free car hire available. On the other hand we can your vehicle safely and comfortably in our closed cars transport trailer. The costs for delivery and collection will be calculated according to place and effort. Please contact us if you wish to use this service.

Germany continued to on-site service

You can usually find the software optimization with us in the house or one of our sales partners. You come to the appointment with your vehicle to one of our mcchip-Dkr Chip Tuning Center. The Power or Eco optimization of your vehicle including control and test run before and after the modification according to the vehicle takes between 3 and 5 hours. Please ask for the exact duration where exceptions are possible.

Or you simply use our on-site service for cars, lorries and agricultural vehicles. A friendly mcchip-dkr technician comes to the desired appointment to your home or to your company and performs the optimization directly on site. With our specially converted mcchip dkr-service vehicles, what with all the necessary professional equipment are equipped workshop on equal opportunities available.

This on-site service is available to you within a radius of 50 km (starting point 53894 Mechernich) free of charge. We offer you further journeys at favorable conditions.

Mobility Service in Mechernich

You have decided to sign up for a performance increase from our house and while the work is carried out you want to stay mobile? No problem, to this end, we will gladly offer you a free car rental from our fleet. With this, a vehicle is available to you, and we would like that you ask for an appointment to inform us on your desire a rental car.

Fitness Studio

You have the opportunity to use our own gym for free during the waiting time. Numerous training devices for all disciplines in cardio and strength are featuring on 80 square meter. Please remember clean sports shoes, sportswear and a towel, if you want to use the gym. After the training, shower facilities are available.

Hotel and Leisure offer

Whether you are arriving with your family or alone to your appointment with us in the room Mechernich, something is found for every taste and every occasion a suitable free time offer to pass the time to completion of your vehicle to market. In the following you find a selection of different leisure time offers in our vicinity:

  • Hotel

    If you want to boost performance or the desired conversion once take more time so that an overnight stay in our vicinity is required so we can reserve a room in a 4 star Ameron Park Hotel, in the nearby city of Euskirchen. The hotel is located in the center of Euskirchen in direct proximity to the main railway station and is only 7,8km away from our site.

    Ameron Parkhotel Euskirchen Zimmer
    Ameron Parkhotel Euskirchen Restaurant
    Ameron Parkhotel Euskirchen Zimmer 3
    Ameron Parkhotel Euskirchen Zimmer 2
  • Phantasialand

    The Phantasialand theme park is an entertainment park in the Rhineland in Cologne (28.5 km away from us) and is one of the most visitors park in Germany. The Phantasialand theme park offers numerous international award-winning attractions, shows and accommodation and is therefore an unrivalled short holiday destination for big and small.
    Image rights: Phantasialand

    hotel matamba
    Phantasialand HotelLINGBAO 11
    Chiapas Panorama
  • Freilichtmuseum Kommern

    The open-air Museum Kommern is one of the largest in Europe and he’s only 9,5km away from us. Take a little time to look at the historic houses and exhibitions on the 95 hectare site. In order once through the museum to stroll around and look at something here and there, you need at least two hours for the exhibition "We Rhine countries" for an hour. The museum is open all days of the year. At the weekends in the summer the most visitors, so according to this it’s very busy. Mounting and free days are particularly suitable for a quieter and more in-depth with the museum.
    Image rights: Freilichtmuseum Kommern

    Rind haeuser
  • Hochwildpark Rheinland

    The 80 hectares in size and situated in the foothills of the Eifel Hochwildpark allows you close encounters with individual wild species in the spaciousness of the site without fences. A large playground, covered barbecue spots and a visit to the wildlife park restaurants "forest" with free terrace is a trip in the high wildlife park into an experience.
    Image rights: Hochwildpark Rheinland

    hochwildpark 4
    hochwildpark 3
    hochwildpark 2
    hochwildpark 1
  • Eifel Therme Zikkurat

    Eifel Therme-Zikkurat is a leisure and adventure pool not far from our company headquarters (2.2 km). The approximately 13,000 square meter area of the eifel Therme-Zikkurat includes the indoor pool and sauna in the main building and there is also a sauna garden with several saunas, bistro and rest rooms. Corresponding admission tickets or packages you can get directly with us in the office at the time of delivery of your vehicle. Talk to us.
    Image rights: Eifel Therme Zikkurat

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