Truck & Agricultural ECO-Chiptuning

For the control, regulation and monitoring of all engine functions of a truck or agricultural vehicle, the engine control unit is responsible. Stored data, such as fuel injection, control of the ignition timing or the air flow will be used in a software optimization using the OBD socket or read by using special equipment and adjusted individually by our experienced software programmers to the wishes of the customers.

While the reduction of fuel consumption is the main concern for trucks, the focus on agricultural vehicles is in terms of time savings and the associated profitability. ECO-Optimizations for trucks and agricultural vehicles offer great potential to ensure an increase in the efficiency of a company. We attach great importance to a long life of your vehicle. That's why we only use self-developed software that makes sure that you do not overload the motor. In addition, the default property of your vehicle on the software optimization is still fully preserved.


Truck ECO optimization

Your truck or your fleet of trucks has enormous potential savings that can be enabled with the help of truck ECO Tuning, and that brings fuel savings up to 15%. It becomes even more important to recognize that fact and act accordingly, because the costs of transport companies are steadily growing. Not just fuel costs, but also costs for other inventory materials, increased road tolls, etc. day by day add complexity to the work in this industry. Due to optimization of truck fuel consumption, you can use your vehicle more effectively and achieve greater power at low rotating speed, which leads to lower fuel consumption and therefore means economy from 2 to 5 litres per 100 km.

We will be happy to explain to you in more detail the principle of functioning by phone +49 2256 669996-0 or answer your questions by E-Mail.

Savings in fuel consumption are up to 15%!
Money back guarantee after 30 days of testing!

We would like to offer you a fair opportunity to personally see the benefits of truck ECO optimization. It is important for you to know what economy you can achieve if you refit your vehicle. In this case, you have 30 days during which you can drive on your daily itineraries and tours after the optimization, and then you can make a decision. Within this period we are pleased to offer you a money back guarantee to avoid the risk of erroneous investments.

Individual optimization of fuel consumption

Each optimization of trucks in our workshop is prepared individually for you based on your needs. It is very important to take into account all the factors and circumstances and use this information for the preparation of software, as each vehicle is different from the other. Thus, we can offer maximum efficiency and an optimal result. Become personally certain and test Chiptuning for trucks in our company

Adblue reduction by truck chiptuning

A pleasant side effect is the possibility to reduce the consumption of the additive Adblue by our software optimization. For further information, please contact us E-Mail.

For buses, tourist coaches and modular co-generation units

mainly truck engines are used. And in this case, you can therefore achieve economy in fuel consumption for truck engines using ECO Chiptuning. More detailed information you can get by phone +49 2256 669996-0 by E-Mail (in this case please specify the manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and engine details).

Agricultural vehicles optimization

Special Chiptuning for combine harvesters, tractors and other agricultural vehicles

Power of engines for agricultural vehicles is designed for standard use and configured for the use of diesel fuel. Often, however, this power is not enough, for example, in case of a wet grass or heavy soil. Especially the power is lacking if you use biodiesel fuel.

In this case, a few extra horsepowers or higher torque would be useful, for example, to increase the speed of work specifically in conditions of modern contracting enterprise, as well as to reduce fuel consumption. But who will buy the next largest and much more expensive model for this purpose?

We suggest that you to increase engine power up to 20% while increasing the torque. Due to the change in the engine control we achieve an optimization of air masses and increased torque up to 200 Nm. Now you do not have to constantly utilize engines with power limit, and you can save up to 15% of fuel. For vehicles running on biodiesel fuel, it is also possible to carry out customization with the same result.

Using our dynamometer for power take-off shafts by Hetra for tractors, shredders and combine harvesters

we offer the possibility to record our optimizations in the agricultural sector in order to achieve fuel economy, to increase torque and power. We offer you to carry out power measurements before/after for 129,-€. Within a radius of 100 km, you can use “on-site service”, including power take-off shafts. The chassis dynamometer is intended for measuring up to 500 kW and 6800 Nm.

The advantages of our software Eco-optimization
  • Increased torque
  • Increased pulling power
  • Reduced time expenses
  • Reduced fuel consumption

If you have not found your vehicle in our database, please contact us on this issue. More detailed information you can get by Phone +49 2256 669996-0 or E-Mail.

(please, specify the manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and engine details).

Consumption calculator

Mileage per month: Price per liter of diesel: € 1.07
Consumption to 100 KM: Fuel costs per month:
Fuel savings: % Fuel savings in euro:

On-site service

As a rule, we carry out software optimization in our workshop or at one of our business partners. As of today, you can find us in such cities as Bischofswerda, Berlin, Düren, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Cologne-Overath, Mechernich/Obergartzem, Nuremberg, Passau, Salzgitter, Schmelz and Tauberbischofsheim. .At the agreed time you bring your car at one of our mcchip-dkr chip tuning centres. Power and Eco optimization of your vehicle, including check and test run before and after the modification, takes from 3 to 5 hours depending on the vehicle. Please ask about the exact optimization runtime in advance, as there may be exceptions. During this time, by prior arrangement, and depending on the availability of this option, you can use one of our rental cars for just € 29 per day plus fuel costs. Of course, you may also stay in our room for customers and wait until your car is ready.

We can nautrally offer you to take advantage of our delivery service that will collect your car and then take it back. We come to you on one of our rental cars, pick up your vehicle and when modification is complete return you your car. If you wish, you can use one of our rental cars for just € 29 per day plus fuel costs. In addition, we will charge you for such delivery service with the amount of € 22.50 per hour of work/travel time of our staff plus fuel costs. This delivery service is ideal for alteration cases, which may take quite a long time.

ou do not have time to personally visit us on your vehicle or the service centre is too far? Then simply use our

“on-site service” throughout Germany!

In the specified time, one of our friendly mcchip-dkrat staff members will arrive at your place of living or work and carry out installation directly on site. Due to our specially refitted for service mcchip-dkrthe vehicles that are equipped with all necessary equipment you have exactly the same opportunities as in our workshop. Additional cost will amount to € 59.50 as a base rate plus € 0.50 for each kilometre.

Especially for commercial used cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles our “on-site service” is available at the weekends as well.

Forwarding service

Free forwarding service for control units and ECU throughout Germany

In order to provide you at any time with the opportunity of Chiptuning and software optimization, we want to organise a respectively greater number of service options. So, along with our on-site service we also offer you the possibility to send us your control units.

We will be pleased to explain to you by phone or by E-Mail what you need to pay attention when removing the control unit, and in what part of the vehicle control unit is installed. In addition, we will provide you with explanation as to how you should pack the control unit.

In any case, please contact us before sending the engine control unit so that we can guarantee the return of the control unit as soon as possible. As a general rule, you must send us the control unit in such a way that we get it before 12.00 on working day. In this case, we can guarantee that the control unit will be sent back on the same day, and you will get it the next day.

Once we receive the control unit, it will be processed using the most modern methods of optimization, and software will be configured specifically for your vehicle. Thus, in this case you will receive an individually tailored Chiptuning.

We will try to organize backward transfer as soon as possible and forward you information by E-Mail about your transference so that you can at any time trace where exactly your control unit is at any definite time. We pay standard shipping costs within Germany. If you wish, we can organize express forwarding for you or we can forward goods abroad. You can get information on the cost of these services, if you contact us by phone.

If you still have questions regarding this or other services we will be happy to answer them by phone 0049 22 56/95 69 67 or by E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Guarantie for truck engines

On request, we offer you to execute a NSA Chiptuning guarantee for truck engines on the following conditions:

Guarantie for truck Tuning:
Reporting period: annual account and payment
Minimum term: 12 months
Coverage: engine, turbocharger, transmission, electrical system, gearbox, cardan shafts, wheels, suspension mount, brakes.
Coverage for Tuning provided the age of the vehicle: up to 2 years
Coverage for Tuning provided mileage: up to 100.000 km
Price for truck NSA Tuning insurance per year: 879 €
Maximum coverage for one insurance event is 5.000,-€
Maximum coverage (engine) for one insurance event is 10.000,-€
Participation of the insured in indemnification — 10%, minimum € 199,-
Replacement of the vehicle of the same class up to 250,-€/day (maximum for 4 days)
Towing up to 500,-€
The proposal is not binding and is not part of the contract. Errors and changes are not excluded.

Parts and components that are covered by guarantie for truck Chiptuning:
Name Parts and components
Engine Engine pistons, cylinder liners, bolts, rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, crankshaft gear, oil pump, cylinder head gasket of cylinder block, cylinder block, camshaft, tappet, valve rocker arm, camshaft gear, drive, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, cylinder head, valves, valve guides, crankcase, oil cooling system, oil pan, hydraulic oil circuit breaker, switch sensors.
Turbo Turbo, compressor, boost air cooler, damages recovery.
4 x 4 Transfer case, viscous coupling, differential locking.
Manual gear box All included pars, plus gear wheels, gear shift fork, sliding coupling, primary and secondary shaft. Not included: base, synchronizer rings.
Automatic gear box All included pars, plus shafts, planetary gear units, discs, binders, valves, oil pump, regulator, safety valves, damages recovery up to a maximum of 300.000 km.
Axle drive All included lubricated details, plus differential, wheel gears, wheel bearings. Not included: differential lock.
Transmission shafts All parts listed in paragraphs “Manual gear box” and “Automatic gear box”, including cardan shafts, cardan shaft bearing, drive shafts, electronic control unit.
Brake system Multicircuit safety valve, pressure transmitter, compressor, air receiver, cut-in valve on parking brake systems, brake valve, regulator of ALB system, hydraulic brake cylinder, combined brake cylinder, trailer brake control valve, ABS control unit (anti-lock braking system), eddy current brake, exhaust back pressure brake.
Suspension mount Spring discs, pneumatic spring. Not included: bolt with ball head, bushing.
Electrical equipment Generator, starter, wiper motors, window lifter motors, motor of centralized door locking system, microprocessor engine management system, electronic engine management system.

Important advices!
In accordance with paragraph 4, page 1 section 3 § 19 “Provisions on technical requirements for the operation of trackless transport” in Germany installation of additional electrical equipment (Tuning-Chip) leads to invalid vehicle operation permit unless Chip installation is immediately approved by a licensed expert and confirmation is received in accordance with page 5 section 1 § 22 “Provisions on technical requirements for the operation of trackless transport”. In Germany, the operation of trackless transport on public roads without the operation permit in accordance with § 3 of the Compulsory insurance law means that in the event of damage liability insurance company has no obligation to indemnify such damage. In Germany, operation of trackless transport on public roads without an adequate insurance protection is a crime. Installation of additional electrical equipment (Tuning-Chip) means that guarantie claims against the seller, as well as guarantee claims against the manufacturer for parts affected by installation of Chip-Tuning, may no longer be valid. Chip-Tuning installation may lead to the loss of insurance protection, to get more information on this regard you should contact the insurance company.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+49 2256 669996-0
(mo - fr 9:00 - 17:00 MEZ)

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