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Performance upgrade Ferrari 488 Pista 3.9 V8 Biturbo - Stage 3

The Ferrari 488 Pista looks perfect with its impressive design language. But the most powerful 488 model has a lot more to offer. The 3.9 liter V8 biturbo mid-engine provides in stock conditions already 720 hp and 770 Nm torque.

We have developed now a Stage 3 performance upgrade for the Ferrari 458 successor that takes the super sports car to a new level. The performance upgrade consists of our in-house developed software, TTE950 upgrade turbocharger, duplex sport rear muffler with flap control and downpipes with 200 cpsi HJS catalysts from our new new partner company Friedrich Performance Manufaktur. With the perfectly coordinated overall package, we achieve a power of 950 hp and 940 Nm! The driving performance speaks for itself.

Of course we also have a pure software optimization (Stage 1) in the program. The performance values are 770 hp and 860 Nm. More power provides, the stage 2 version with a result of 800 hp and 880 Nm torque. In addition to our software optimization, we also install downpipes with 200 cpsi HJS catalysts from our partner company, the Friedrich Performance Manufaktur, who also offer high-quality carbon parts for the Ferrari 488 Pista.

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