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Consumption reduction MAN TGX 18.470 Euro 6 model 2021

We are now offering our eco software optimization to reduce fuel consumption for the modern MAN TGX models of the current series with Euro 6 emissions standard. Depending on the purpose of the truck, the diesel consumption drops by 10-15 %. Given the current high diesel costs, there is considerable potential for savings in money and fuel. A positive side effect is increased power combined with a significant increase in torque. The D2676 in-line six-cylinder diesel engine with 12.4 liter displacement installed in the MAN TGX 18.470 has an stock power of 470 hp and 2400 Nm. After our software optimization, we achieve an additional performance of 70 hp and 450 Nm. Of course, our consumption optimizations are also available for the other current MAN TGX and TGS Euro 6 models with 430 hp and 510 hp.

On our internal Maha LPS 3000 truck function and performance test bench, we develop our truck software solutions and can measure the performance values before and after optimization. Convince yourself and test our consumption optimization for 30 days and then decide whether you will achieve an economic advantage.

Of course, our consumption optimizations are also available for other Mercedes-Benz trucks with OM 470 / OM 471 / OM 472 engines. You can find information and optimization offers in our truck database.
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