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New at mcchip-dkr - Maha LPS 3000 truck dynamometer

Since 15 years we developing and implementing consumption reductions for trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction and forestry machines. We would like to develop our company further in this area and offer you as regular and new customers a real added value. For this purpose, we have built a new hall with a modern Maha LPS 3000 truck function and performance test bench at our headquarters in Mechernich / Obergartzem.

Even well-known vehicle manufacturers trust the high-quality products from Maha. With the test stand, which has two eddy current brakes with a power of 700 kW, we can determine the wheel power of the truck up to a maximum of 660 kW, as well as carry out extensive diagnoses, such as cycle drives to determine the diesel consumption before and after a consumption reduction. During the power measurement, the test bench records all parameters such as engine power, torque, engine speed and speed. The diagnostic options are very diverse due to the coupling with an innovative interface. Various load simulations can be carried out during the cycle runs. A power measurement is available in connection with a mcchip-dkr consumption optimization for only 399,00 Euro. Pure performance measurements, cycle runs or the rental of the test bench are possible by arrangement.

Would you like to reduce the fuel consumption of your truck fleet, construction machinery or agricultural vehicles and learn more about our consumption reductions? We are happy to advise you in detail. Simply use our contact form or give us a call on +49 2256 669996-0. You can find more information also on our website under the heading "Consumption optimization".
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