First race for Mercedes-Benz C300 VT2 at NLS 1 - Team mcchip-dkr

After a long wait, the Nürburgring Endurance Series starts the 2020 season with the 51. Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy. With the newly developed Mercedes-Benz C300 W205, the team mcchip-dkr brings a breath of fresh air to the VT2 class for turbocharged production vehicles with up to 2 liters displacement. All in all, 19 starters ensure an exciting race for the class victory in VT2.

The cockpit of the C300 is shared by youngster Nick Hancke, Alex Meixner and Bernhard Weber. The latter two drivers were able to familiarize themselves with the new vehicle during test drives in the past few weeks and celebrate their premiere at the NLS this weekend. Visible weaknesses were eliminated during the test drives and a balanced suspension setup was developed in cooperation with Heiko Hammel.

Team principal Danny Kubasik: “The mandatory Corona break also severely affected our season planning but we are all very pleased that the season starts now. We are excited to see how the C300 will fare compared in the competition. The special conditions due to the hygiene concept also represent a challenge for our team. Of course, it is a shame for the numerous fans that you cannot experience the race on site. Make yourself comfortable at your TV at home and follow the race via livestream. We will keep fans informed through our social media channels.“
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