Lamborghini factory support at the ROWE 6 Hour Race (VLN 5)

For the six-hour season highlight of the VLN 2019, the ROWE 6-hour ADAC Ruhr Cup race, the GTronix360 ° Team mcchip-dkr, around Dieter Schmidtmann / Danny Kubasik, receives factory support from Lamborghini. The immense experienced and world-wide one of the best GT3 works driver Franck Perera will take a seat as a supporting force switches the driver’s seat of the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO with Dieter Schmidtmann and Heiko Hammel. So far, little experience has been gained with the Huracán "Bolle" in the 2019 season. The valuable feedback from Franck Perera is already being used by the setting runs on Friday morning to continuously improve the car. The competition will be very tough. As you know, the highlight of the season for the VLN is a high number of GT3 missions, most of which are factory-supported. In any case, with the extensive support of Lamborghini and Franck Perera, we will have the best chance of achieving a satisfactory result.
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