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Our shop is now available to touch!

Our headquarters in Mechernich / Obergartzem has changed a lot in the last few weeks! We pulled out all the stops for our visitors, customers and fans to use the charm of motorsport and our other departments for a new shopping experience. Thus, our range of merchandise can also be experienced in real life.
The mcchip-dkr lounge was expanded to include a new sales wall in the entrance area. Here you will find the current collections of our clothing, stickers, sunglasses and much more like selected rims, chassis and samples from our business partners!
In implementing this idea, we fully relied on the skills of the "Zweimann Betrieb" ( Alexander and Nils Mann are the names of the heads behind the two-man operation, and they are already established in exhibition constructions of all kind. These two guys absolutely understand their craft! Thanks to their ingenious implementation, the elements of the merchandise wall are not only visually attractive, but also a haptic experience.
You can view our little boutique in moving pictures on our YouTube channel. But we clearly recommend a visit to the real world! (Of course, in compliance with the current security measures)
In the near future, this project will be expanded with a changing room and even more exhibition space. So stay tuned.
We look forward to your visit!

Christian Schlömer Ring 16
53894 Mechernich / Obergartzem
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+49 2256 669996-0
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