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Software optimization for Scania R730 - Euro 6

The Swedes can build good trucks. Everyone knows that. But no matter what you have already seen; The Scania R730 is more! With its 730 hp serial performance and a torque of 3500 Nm (1,000 - 1350 rpm), he always performs his tasks with ease. The high performance does not revive the vehicle to an angry muscle man, but masters all upcoming challenges in the goodness of a Bernardina, without complaining. Of course you can tell by the consumption. The 16.4-liter displacement of the 8-cylinder Euro 6 engine requires at least 3% more fuel compared to smaller engines. Doesn’t matter that he works very relaxed. So there is still need for an optimization of this road king. Without changing its character, the Scania R730 performs 790 hp and 3850 Nm after our software optimization. This means a power increase of 60 hp and 350 Nm, with fuel savings of up to 15%! For 999 € you will receive the upgrade in all stores of mcchip-dkr. Of course, it can be coupled with our on-site service and truck engine warranty.
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