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RCN 9: Successful season finale

The ninth and last race of the RCN season 2019 took place last Saturday on the Nordschleife. The GTronix360° Team mcchip-dkr tackled the season finale with two cars. The driver duo Jörg Rohde and Bernhard Weber again shared the cockpit of the BMW 325i E90 in the heavily occupied class V4 to gain further experience on the demanding Nordschleife. It looked like a rain shower at the beginning, so they decided to start the race without risk on rain tires. However, it remained dry, so that start driver Jörg Rohde had to make an additional pit stop to switch to slick tyres. Bernhard Weber took over the BMW 325i after eight laps and brought the car over the finish line without a scratch. The two motorsport beginners finished the race in 19th place in class and thus meant an important result for the DMSB Nordschleife Permit B.

The second car was also piloted by two rookies. Alex Meixner and Sebastian Cremer started in class RS5 in the BMW 328i E36. Both delivered flawless stints and were fortunately able to win the RS5 class. The focus of the two was also to gain experience and to record a result for the DMSB Nordschleife Permit B. Sebastian Cremer has come a whole lot closer to the DMSB Nordschleife Permit B with three ranked RCN races. The next step for him is the E-Learning of the DMSB Academy. A conciliatory end of the season in the Rundstrecken-Challenge Nürburgring 2019.
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