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VLN 5: Homemade problems

At the VLN season highlight 2019, the ROWE 6 Stunden ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen, the GTronix360° Team mcchip-dkr was again able to achieve a top ten finish with the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO and the driver trio Franck Perera, Heiko Hammel and Dieter Schmidtmann. The team based in Mechernich used the Friday before the race day, to test a new set-up. Regrettably, the data and lap times showed early that this setup did not work very well and the team decided to rebuild to the suspension setup of the fourth VLN race.
The qualifying on Saturday morning was marked by typical Eifel weather conditions. Rain and heavy fog dominated the Nürburgring and did not allow fast times. With a defensive driving style Heiko Hammel put the Lamborghini at least on starting position 16.

The experienced Lamborghini factory driver Franck Perera drove the start. The Dunlop rain tires did not offer the performance of the competitors and Perera lost a lot of time. With a drying track, the team changed early on Dunlop slicks, which worked much better. When catching up Perera drove a little too fast through a yellow phase and received a 55-second time penalty. Due to the long time in the pit, one got into a code 60 phase which the competitors still passed. Overall, the team lost in this lap two and a half minutes. Also Heiko Hammel, who took over the second stint, had to contend with the performance of the Lamborghinis and lost about 15 seconds per lap. Schmidtmann could not keep up with the pace of the top cars and lost important seconds. At the last pit stop, the gas pump went on strike again and Franck Perera went into the final stint with a further 17 seconds lost and finished the race on 10th overall position.

Team and driver were not completely satisfied with the race weekend. Unfortunately, the reason for the poor performance was found after the race in the local workshop. Team chief Danny Kubasik: "It had simply crept a measurement error. The GT3 vehicles are very sensitive and a small change e.g. in the area of the suspension, quickly leads to a completely different driving behavior or severe tire wear. The focus is now on the sixth VLN race, where we want to attack again with a mature set-up."
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