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VLN2: Probably the shortest long distance race in the world

The GTronix360 Team mcchip-dkr had imagined their first race with the new Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO somehow different. The race was halted in lap two due to snowfall in the starting phase of the 44th DMV 4-hour race.

Already on Friday, the Lamborghini was tested the full day on the Nordschleife at single-digit temperatures but dry track conditions. Driver Heiko Hammel was able to start structured timetables with our engineer Dennis Garthe. The aim of the test was to develop a tire-sparing setup. "We drive a hard Dunlop tire compound that offers less grip, but works well at long runs without deterioration at the end of the stint. In addition, the durability of this mixture is significantly higher, which minimises the risk of tire damage. We are very satisfied with the test and were able to complete a total of 25 laps, "said team boss and driver Danny Kubasik (Dieter Schmidtmann) after the test day.

The drivers of the Porsche Cayman 981 also used the test day to improve their track knowledge. For the first time, Frenchmen Thierry Blaise and Oliver Baharian got into the wheel of the Porsche Cayman and managed well right from the start. Regular driver Nick Hancke droves despite old tires lap times around 9:20 minutes and underlined his driving skills.

In qualifying on Saturday morning, it was again much cooler, so that the tire temperature should play the crucial role for a good placement. "We are here for testing, but of course we also want to compete with the other GT3 cars. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in qualifying because we had problems getting our tires up to temperature and the associated air pressure. We were missing at least 30° Celsius to drive fast times. I had lot of traffic in my qualifying laps and together with the tire problems was the fastest lap time just 8:24 minutes. Start position 21 is of course behind my expectations but more was unfortunately possible, "summed up Kubasik.

The same was true for the Cayman troupe. Many yellow phases destroyed the hopes for a good grid position and they lined up in the midfield of class V5. On the grid, the sky over the Eifel then slowly closed and first raindrops followed by light snow delayed the start procedure by 15 minutes. Already in the formation lap the fullest concentration was demanded of all drivers. The incipient snowfall on various sections of the track turned the Nürburgring-Nordschleife into a very slippery winter road. Once again, it was not possible to get the tires up to temperature and start driver Dieter Schmidtmann could not keep up with the pace of the GT3 cars and collided in the starting lap with a Cup Porsche on the GP track. He continued the race after a short safety check in pit. Shortly afterwards followed the red flag.

At the third VLN race, which will take place on April 27, the Cayman will compete with the strong drivers Nick Hancke and Thomas D. Hetzer. The Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 will be also back. Together with the Japanese team KONDO Racing it is time to perfect the Nissan for the upcoming 24h qualifying race and the 24h race - with hopefully much better conditions and the complete race distance. The Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO comes back at the fourth VLN race.
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