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Bentley Mulsanne conversion to Coupé Part 1

The flagship of the British automobile manufacturer Bentley has lost none of its originally charm. All typical Bentley characteristics, such as the design language and the distinctive radiator figure in form of the Flying B, can also be found in the current Mulsanne. In order to make the rare upper class limousine even more exclusive and unique, a large quantity of creativity and know-how is required. Then, it is quite possible to transform the British luxury limousine into a unique coupé. To transform the limousine into a coupé, a comprehensive bodywork work is necessary. The changes will initially simulated on the computer. After the complete disassembly of the vehicle, a surface scan of the entire vehicle was created with a 3D scan arm. Subsequently, the scan data will triangulated to obtain an exact basis for the simulation of the later coupé form. More information about this project will follow in the next newsletter.

Project History - Bentley Mulsanne conversion to Coupé

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